ESA specialise in residential new homes and additions, including block sub-divisions, and light commercial projects.


Our client base includes the general public including owner builders, and a few select quality custom builders. Our designs have won numerous HIA awards for several builders.


We have a fully flexible service, offering as much or as little as the client requires. However, our emphasis is always on customer service.

We can create a unique design solution with regard to clients requirements and site conditions.  We have a reputation for ‘getting it right’ as we listen to our clients and get them involved in the design process.


Or we can work with a client’s own design, offering suggestions for improvement if required.


All architectural styles are available to suit individual client tastes. We work with a whole range of building materials and techniques, on all types of developments, such as single and two storey, hillside allotments, unit and townhouse developments and block sub-divisions. Difficult sites are a welcome challenge!


We service metropolitan and near country areas of  Adelaide and Melbourne.


Although we prefer normal business hours, we are happy to see clients during evenings and also on weekends if required.


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The Design Process

The design, documentation and building of a new home or addition in Adelaide or Melbourne may at first appear to be complex and daunting.


However, it is a fairly simple step by step process, although the details of each stage will vary depending on the complexity of the project.


There are five basic stages in the building process:-

  1. The need to build

  2. The design & development of the project

  3. Development Plan Consent

  4. Building Rules Consent

  5. Building the project

For more information, please get in touch with us.

Client brief and design development using 3D CAD software. Clients are able to easily visualise the project and even walk through it. They can also explore the 3D model on their own computer..


Liaise with authorities as necessary and obtain Planning approval.


Septic tank waste water applications as applicable


Full documentation necessary for Building Rules Consent and tendering/building.


We can make all planning & building applications if required.


We will work with clients own consultants, or can organise our regular consultants for site levels, footing and structural engineering, timber estimating, energy efficiency report, and private certification.